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Unlock the power of Bitcoin: Join fellow bitcoiners in helping us build a platform that harnesses Bitcoin's potential as collateral. Try our practical tools and shape the future of Firefish together.

Firefish Cash

In situations, when you need funds for whatever makes my life better you may ask yourself: Should I sell or spend my pristine digital property, my Bitcoin? Consider our alternative with Firefish Cash.

Fit for HODL

Benefit from future price appreciation of Bitcoin. Maintain or increase your bitcoin exposure.

Tax benefits

Firefish loans don’t trigger capital gains tax, unlike when you sell your Bitcoin.

Short fiat

Leverage fiat currency's eroding purchasing power for savvy liability management.

Lock bitcoin

Lock your Bitcoin securely
on a multi-signature address
with our platform

Receive cash

Receive loan funds directly
to your bank account, just like
a traditional loan.

Repay loan or roll over

Bitcoin will be automatically
released from escrow and
returned to your wallet.

Firefish earn

Invest securely in Bitcoin-backed peer-to-peer loans.

Repayment guaranteed

The value of the locked Bitcoin is always higher than the loan, so there is no risk of losing your investment.

No more risk vs return trade-offs

Firefish uses bitcoin collateral to secure your investment and deliver higher returns without increasing risk.

Suitable for institutions

Zero credit risk and attractive yields, with no need for institutional investors to interact with the blockchain.

Invest funds

Use our platform to invest
your cash liquidity in loans
secured by bitcoin collateral.

Earn interest

Earn an attractive, inflation-beating interest. Risks removed.

Redeem or reinvestment

Receive your investment
and accrued interest back,
automatically. Reinvest.

The difference

Firefish is built different. Just like Bitcoin itself.

No custody

Real time transparency

No collateral rehypotecation

Real cash


Bridging/wrapping free

Custodial lenders