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Envisioning Bitcoin's reach far beyond payments and store of value, our mission is to break new ground and position Bitcoin at the very heart of modern finance.

Bitcoin-backed lending finally done right

We spent years in finance. We are bitcoiners, cryptographers, researchers and developers. Pitfalls of DeFi and CeFi inform our course, and this is our framework:





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respectED bitcoiners

After thorough analysis I concluded that the design is very secure, paranoid even. All hard core Bitcoiners should really enjoy it!


Bitcoiner. Rust-bitcoin contributor

Firefish is an exceptional team. They have built a service that does it right compared to centralized solutions.

Ondrej Raska

Founding partner at Miton

Firefish is a great Bitcoin-native way to use Bitcoin as a collateral without selling it, built by Bitcoiners.

Juraj Bednar

Enterpreneur, Educator

The platform

Our goal is to offer practical tools that leverage the power of Bitcoin collateral in various real-life scenarios.